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We love making brownies, and have done for years. We had our ‘ping’ moment a few years ago after taking a couple of batches to a friend’s party and realising that people weren’t eating them out of politeness… It seems that the perfect brownie is a bit of a black art!
One ponderous dog walk later, Bob’s Brownies was born. We took our original recipe and started playing around with ideas for new varieties, eventually including gluten free, dairy free and vegan brownies. Our friends were more than happy to help us decide which recipes worked and we were never without eager taste testers. We started off by attending farmers markets where we built up a loyal following and made some great friends. Then, after taking some time out when baby Bob was born, we decided to try selling locally through social media. It worked, and we continue to stay in the warm and avoid those early morning market starts (although we do miss markets on nice days). So now we have a fantastic local following and are also sending boxes of Bob’s all over the UK, although they’ve also travelled to France, Germany, Italy, Canada and USA.

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