Menu 17th October

In menu by Gillian Brooks-Smith

Our ghoulishly gorgeous, deliciously decadent Halloween menu is back for two weeks! We’re looking to bake loads, but it’s still worth ordering as soon as humanly/zombiley possible – once they’re gone, they’re gone…


BOB — Our plain, unadulterated, rich, chocolatey, fudgy, gorgeously simple brownie. For halloween… Topped with a dredged icing sugar pitchfork.

Choc chunk coffin crunch — Packed with milk choc chunks and shards of Cadbury’s Crunchie bars then baked to gooey, crunchy, chocolatey, brownie perfection.

Devilishly Hot BOB — Our BOB, but hot! Heated up with cayenne, chilli and cinnamon. A pleasingly warm and tingly experience as opposed to a head blower.

Ghostly marshmallow and brain choc chunk — Soft marshmallows and chunks of fresh brain tissue (AKA white choc chunks) packed into a classic BOB. Topped with a white chocolate drizzle and a ghoulishly delicious marshmallow.

Spider mint choc — A dense and dark BOB, a layer of fresh peppermint cream… topped with a rich, dark, googly eyed chocolate spider

Screamnut butter — Not actually that screamy – but the title makes it more halloweeney. Our creamy, salty, sweet and crunchy peanut butter mix, swirled through and over a BOB. Creamy, crunchy, nutty, choccy.

Salted caramel
 goooe — Sea salted extra gooey caramel running through and over a BOB. Topped with an extra sprinkle of sea salt flakes. Chewy, gooey, sweet and salty goodness.

Triple treat choc chunk — A fudgy, gooey BOB, chock full of dark, milk and white chocolate chunks, then plied with a loooooad of sweety treats… One for the dentists!

Witches blood and brain chunk blondie — Okay, so it’s actually our raspberry and white choc chunk blondie (sorry to disappoint)… Our white chocolate blondie, heavily laden with witches blood (raspberries) and brain fragments (those white chocolate chunks again)

Gluten free — Our gluten free brownies are just as rich and gooey as our regular brownies. We can bake just about all of our brownies and blondies gluten free. Send us a message to enquire.

Vegan — We have a very loyal vegan brownie following! At the moment we offer vegan BOB, Mint choc, Chocolate orange, Peanut butter, Triple nut choc, Toasted almond, Walnut, Choco hazelnut and Choc cherry. All baked to order so send us a message if you’re interested.

Dairy free — We can also bake dairy free for most of our regular brownies. Our dairy free brownies contain eggs whereas our vegan brownies don’t. Send us a message for more information.

*Allergy information

All our brownies contain wheat (wheat flour), milk (butter and chocolate), eggs, and soya (soy lecithins in chocolate). This week our Screamnut butter brownies contain nuts (peanuts). Our vegan brownies contain seeds (ground flaxseed). We cannot guarantee that there won’t be nut, seed or coconut traces in any of our brownies due to the fact that they are used on the premises. Please contact us if you have any allergy questions or queries about our menu.

Small boxes (8 brownies) are £7, medium boxes (12 brownies) are £10, large boxes (16 brownies) are £13 and our Gigantaboxes (36 brownies) are £28. You can mix any available varieties in a box. All brownies will be ready to collect from 4pm Thursday from our North Swindon address. Otherwise we can mail all boxes (except Gigantaboxes) for £4.80 P&P (1st class post) to UK mainland addresses (we can add a message to your box if you like too). Either email us or message us on Facebook to order. It’s worth doing this as soon as possible as we only make a limited amount per week; When they’re gone… they’re gone! More info on the ordering process can be found in our FAQ page.

Have a lovely week




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