Menu 12th December

In menu by Gillian Brooks-Smith


Welcome to our final bake of 2021. As we are due to move house on Friday (the day after collections – please DO NOT forget to collect), I’m unable to offer as huge a menu as in previous years. Instead I’ll focus on baking as many key varieties as possible and then make up the rest with frozen stock. The following menu shows freshly baked first (go heavy on these as there will be many more of them) followed by a very limited stock of frozen varieties. Collection only this week..

Freshly baked:

Snowy BOB — Bob’s Original Brownie. Our plain, unadulterated, rich, chocolatey, fudgy, gorgeously simple brownie. Topped with a flurry of icing sugar.

Yule log — Our fudgy, dense brownie take on a classic Christmas yule log… Classic BOB covered in a thick layer of creamy, chocolate yule frosting then finished with a flourish of freshly fallen snowy dredged icing sugar.

Salted caramel — Gorgeous homemade sea salted caramel running through and over a BOB. Topped with an extra sprinkle of sea salt flakes. Chewy, gooey, sweet and salty goodness.

Marshmallow and white choc chunk — Soft marshmallows and chunks of creamily sweet white chocolate packed into a classic BOB. Topped with a white chocolate drizzle and mini marshmallows. Pillowy, chewy, creamy, nubbly gooeyness.

Gluten free — Snowy BOB, Yule log

Frozen stock:

Gingerbread — Laced with ginger, black treacle, golden syrup and warming cinnamon. Topped with a lemon icing drizzle. Gooey, rich, warm and chocolatey.

Mint choc — A dense and dark chocolate brownie with a layer of peppermint cream, then topped with smooth, rich, dark chocolate.

Christmas pud — Packed with juicy currants, sultanas, raisins, cherries, apples, orange and lemon peel, all steeped in rich, full bodied Cream Sherry. Topped with dredged icing sugar and a glace cherry.

Espresso choc chunk — Our dark, dense, fudgy and rich, espresso laden BOB with dark chocolate chunks. Topped with a cocoa dusting. Intense coffee, choco, cocoa hit!

Nutty choc chunk — Packed with chopped peanuts, almonds, walnuts and heaps of dark chocolate chunks. Finished with a dark chocolate drizzle and an extra nutty sprinkle.

Cranberry, pistachio and white choc chunk blondie — Creamy white chocolate blondie, with piles of sharp festive dried cranberries, green nubbly pistachios and chunks of smooth, sweet white chocolate. Topped with a cream cheese frosting then finished with a sprinkling of dried cranberries and pistachios.

Vegan — Snowy BOB, Yule log, Mint choc, Chocolate orange, Cherry choc chunk, Nutty choc

*Allergy information

All our brownies contain wheat (wheat flour), milk (butter and chocolate), eggs, and soya (soy lecithins in chocolate). This week our Nutty choc chunk brownies contain nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts. Our Cranberry, pistachio & white choc blondies also contain nuts (pistachios). Our vegan brownies contain seeds (ground flaxseed). We cannot guarantee that there won’t be nut, seed or coconut traces in any of our brownies due to the fact that they are used on the premises. Please contact us if you have any allergy questions or queries about our menu.

Small boxes (8 brownies) are £7, medium boxes (12 brownies) are £10, large boxes (16 brownies) are £13. We are unable to offer Gigantaboxes this week. You can mix any available varieties in a box. All brownies will be ready to collect from 4pm Thursday from our North Swindon address. Either email us or message us on Facebook to order. It’s worth doing this as soon as possible as we only make a limited amount per week; When they’re gone… they’re gone! More info on the ordering process can be found in our FAQ page.

Have a lovely week




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